About Us

Trade Engine Ltd. is a Project Management, Software and Services company, operating within the UK’s Energy Efficiency and Retrofit sectors. Our work assists both installation companies and tradespeople that operate under our framework, as well as end-clients such as Housing Associations and Local Authorities, Landlords, Property Developers and Domestic Owner-Occupier clients wishing to upgrade the energy efficiency of their properties in a robust fashion.

Our background is in Quality Management within the UK Construction Industry. Trade Engine was formed in 2014 to directly address the need for a clear, straightforward approach to the delivery of quality, compliant work within this sector. In early 2020, we became a Retrofit Coordinator organisation, allowing us to facilitate and oversee the implementation of the new PAS 2035 standard.

Our business now takes care of a number of different activities for a vareity of stakeholders. For example:

  • We provide Quality Management Systems and certification support services to installer businesses and tradespeople looking to work to certain standards (e.g., PAS 2030, MCS, ISO 9001) and/or become registered with TrustMark.
  • We provide Retrofit Coordination services to both installer businesses, domestic clients and property portfolio managers, to ensure that Retrofit work undertaken is compliant with the new PAS 2035 standard.
  • Our network of approved Retrofit Installers, as well as our own internal operations teams, assist domestic clients and property portfolio managers to achieve their goals in terms of compliant energy efficiency installations.

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Our story so far…

  • 2012

    PAS 2030 is released

    The initial version of PAS 2030 (PAS 2030:2012) is released, entitled "Improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings". Andrew Brown, our Managing Director, wrote one of the first Quality Management Systems for the standard and began consulting to construction and energy efficiency companies about how to implement it. His work quickly evolved to assisting clients through their annual auditing procedures, as well as helping to streamline their CRM systems.

  • 2014

    Trade Engine's Cloud QMS platform is launched

    Trade Engine was launched after the above activities were formalised into a cloud-based PAS 2030 and MCS Quality Management System, which became a commercial 'off-the-shelf' product that could be customised to directly meet the needs of installers and tradespeople requiring standardisation and compliance. By the end of 2014, the Trade Engine platform had around 200 firms using it, from sole-traders to PLCs.

  • 2015

    Our Quality Management solutions expand, and we move into direct Project Management

    Trade Engine's PAS 2030 and MCS QMS user-base increased significantly throughout 2015. The business was able to provide additional services in terms of on-site project management and compliance support, initially employing a number of freelance Chartered Surveyors to assess the installation of individual projects against relevant Building Regulations and Retrofit standards. Trade Engine managed its first larger Social Housing project within this year, at Wentworth Mews in Mile End, East London. Numerous long-standing relationships with UKAS-accredited Certification Bodies were also formed, including (but not limited to): Stroma Certification, NAPIT, NICEIC, BBA, CertAss and Ocean Certification.

  • 2016

    ECO Compliance and Contract Management are added to our portfolio

    Secured in 2015, Trade Engine begin delivery of an Energy Company Obligation (ECO) contract for and on behalf of one of the UK's largest Utility Companies. This contract remains in place today. Trade Engine's QMS operations continued to grow and by 2016 we had around 500 firms using our platform. Trade Engine selected approximately 15 of these initially, based on performance and due-diligence criteria, to work under the abovementioned contract throughout 2016.

  • 2017

    Trade Engine begins to operate as a Framework Contractor

    Our installer framework continued to develop throughout 2017, which saw us deliver around 1500 energy efficiency and retrofit projects under the Energy Company Obligation. Our framework solution was developed to allow multiple businesses to undertake retrofit activities to deliver common projects and goals. The Trade Engine QMS platform was expanded within this period to manage this work. By the end of 2017, our QMS had been implemented by around 650 companies and approximately 35 of these were long-standing members of our Installer Framework.

  • 2018

    ECO2 ends and ECO3 begins

    The Energy Company Obligation scheme's emphasis moved towards solely assisting households who are in fuel-poverty and Trade Engine worked to deliver a transition between two phases. Our domestic operations grew this year, with more installation activities being undertaken or overseen by the company. Our team expanded throughout 2018, as we took on new employees to manage compliance and new external consultants to assist with site-based Technical Monitoring.

  • 2019

    PAS 2035:2019 and PAS 2030:2019 standards are released

    The PAS 2035 standard was released, bringing with it some much-needed formalisation about how retrofit work is specified, undertaken and managed. PAS 2035 focuses on an holistic, 'whole house' approach to retrofit projects and ensures that homes which benefit from such work do not suffer from unintended consequences. It also helps end-users to identify the Intended Outcomes of such work, so that once it is complete, these can be monitored and evaluated. Trade Engine developed a new Quality Management System to implement PAS 2030:2019, as well as initiating a project called RetroSuite, to deliver a full end-to-end software solution that implements PAS 2035. Our partnership with Stroma Certification is further formalised to deliver this.

  • 2020

    Trade Engine becomes a PAS 2035 Retrofit Coordinator

    In March 2020, Trade Engine became a one of the first TrustMark-registered Retrofit Coordinators, able to assist installer businesses and end-clients with the implementation of PAS 2035. Our retrofit 'ecosystem' grew in this year, taking on larger-scale retrofit project management, and assembling a network of trained Retrofit Assessors and Retrofit Installers to work under the guidance of our Coordination team. Our QMS user base now extends to over 1000 companies. The Green Homes Grant scheme is also announced by the UK Government, bringing with it further options as to how energy efficiency and retrofit work can be funded.

  • 2035

    The UK's targets: All domestic property at EPC 'band C' and 80% towards net-zero carbon emissions

    2035 is the year in which the UK Government's climate change objectives require all properties to fall into 'band C' or above on a domestic EPC. As of 2020, only around 30% of domestic dwellings fall into this category. Millions of existing buildings therefore require retrofitting with measures such as insulation, ventilation, 'smart' monitoring and control devices, and renewable heating and generation technologies, for this to be achieved. These are the goals that the company is now working towards.

We would like to hear from any of the key stakeholders identified above, to see how we might be able to assist your own Intended Outcomes for Retrofit Projects. Whether you’re a tradesperson looking to work in this area, or any property owner or manager looking to upgrade the overall efficiency of your property or portfolio, please do not hestitate to contact us.


Our Accreditations

Further details on our accreditations can be found at:

  • TrustMark – Retrofit Coordinator (License Number: 1826218)
  • TrustMark – Retrofit Installer (License Number: 1755634)
  • Green Deal ORB – PAS 2030 Certification (Certification ID: OCEI21216)

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